• Hey Guest Did you know a system cleaner removes unnecessary files from the PC when it is run. It takes care of temporary files like Internet browsing caches or leftovers after Windows Updates. The effect is a cleaner leaner system with extra space that you can use for other purposes. A second factor plays a role here as well. Privacy-conscious users run system cleaners to remove activity traces regularly. The Windows operating system records many information that may leak data to third parties. Think recent documents that you have opened in Microsoft Word, the last videos you played in VLC Media Player, or the websites that you have visited

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The software reviewed on this site are all freeware or freemium, freemium meaning there is a free version but to unlock the full potential you must upgrade to paid versions.
Every effort has been taken to ensure that the titles review are clean and free of crapware and bundled software but it is your responsibility to look at the installation to make sure you are not going to install unwanted programs.
A classic example is CCleaner Free, with some builds Avast bundle their antivirus program and sometimes they dont so look at the installers and dont accept everything that has been pre.checked.

We welcome your views on the titles offered so please do post them in the relevant threads.

If you feel that we have misrepresented a software then notify us direct or post a comment.